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Inmotion Hosting review - Inmotion Hosting company review - best website hosting

Inmotion Hosting review - Inmotion Hosting company review - best website hosting

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About Inmotion

InMotion Hosting is an employee-owned and -operated domain name and web hosting company that was founded in 2001. Its web hosting network is based on Linux and Unix operating systems. The company maintains offices in Virginia and California. The company is ranked #20 in U.S. 2015 market share.

Since 2001, InMotion has grown a customer base of over 300,000 domains with two data centers in Los Angeles and Virgina Beach.

InMotion Hosting has positioned themselves as one of the few large, stable hosting companies that are not owned by Endurance International – a holding corporation for many well-known hosting brands (including a few that I use for sites like HostGator and Bluehost.)

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Pros of Inmotion hosting - 

Good Uptime - 

Uptime is the most important part of your website and hosting which totally effects your ranking.(click here to know about uptime)
For some past months we have noted(studied) uptime of the website which is shown below - 

  • January average uptime: 99.68% 
  • February average uptime: 99.91% 
  • March average uptime: 99.96% 
  • April average uptime: 99.99% 
  • May average uptime: 99.97%
  • June average uptime: 99.93% 
  • July average uptime: 99.98% 
  • August average uptime: 99.99%

as shown in above Inmotion is trying to give best uptime from starting to ending months which is well good for you.

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Best Customer support 24/7 -

InMotion Hosting claims that they’re a leader in web hosting customer support.

Web hosting customer service has been historically unreliable and ineffective, and the industry is notorious for turning even the simplest of issues into a multi-week fiasco.

According to our opinions and experience with the imotion,
that Imotion have best Customer support 24/7 which very reliable and well trained support.

Good load time -

Fast loading times aren’t just great for user experience. Speed is also factored into Google’s algorithm for dictating where in the rankings you’ll show up.(click here to learn that how load time important)
For some past months we have studied load time of inmotion shown below -

  • January average speed: 829ms
  • February average speed: 1,088ms
  • March average speed: 779ms
  • April average speed: 656ms
  • May average speed: 631ms
  • June average speed: 672ms
  • July average speed: 964ms
  • August average speed: 885ms

As shown above that load time of Inmotion hosting is very good and improving it better and better by inmotion

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Other Pros -

  • Excellent managed WordPress options.
  • All plans offer unlimited email.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Great pricing.
  • Free Domain name with every plan.
  • Best Premium Sucuri Plugin for WordPress Users(which is best for website)
  • Best Integrations & Apps
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Free Site Transfer

Cons -

  • The highest level of service is only available at the Pro level, which may explain some of the mixed reviews for customer service.
  • The website builder works well, but the themes look outmoded. You have to buy at least a year at a time.
  • If you want the lowest price, you need to purchase two years at a time.
  • Low Advertised Pricing ONLY for 24 Month Signup
  • Delayed Verification Process

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Types of main Hostings provided by Inmotion hosting -

WordPress Hosting - 

Inmotion Hosting review,inmotion review,Inmotion hosting,Inmotion,hosting reviews,

A hosting package designed specifically for WordPress powered websites. It is optimized to run WordPress and can even protect your WordPress site against common threats.

VPS Hosting - 

Inmotion Hosting review,inmotion review,Inmotion hosting,Inmotion,hosting reviews,

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

Dedicated Hosting - 

Inmotion Hosting review,inmotion review,Inmotion hosting,Inmotion,hosting reviews,

A dedicated server to for your website, means you will have all the resources of the server to yourself. The downside is that you will have to manage the server on your own.

Reseller Hosting - 

Inmotion Hosting review,inmotion review,Inmotion hosting,Inmotion,hosting reviews,

Reseller hosting packages are basically a shared hosting account with extra tools to help you resell hosting space.Reseller packages come with greater technical control (often via the Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel), billing software to help you invoice clients and other extra perks

Shared Business Hosting - 

Inmotion Hosting review,inmotion review,Inmotion hosting,Inmotion,hosting reviews,

Shared hosting is the perfect way to start a new website with low traffic volume. In a shared hosting environment, your website shares server resources with other websites.

Prices of different hostings -

WordPress Hosting -

WP-1000s Hosting in $4.99
WP-2000s Hosting in $8.99
WP-3000s Hosting in $13.99

VPS Hosting -

VPS-1000HA-S hosting in $24.99
VPS-2000HA-S hosting in $39.99
VPS-3000HA-S hosting in $59.99

Dedicated server Hosting -

Essential hosting in $95.12
Advanced hosting in $149.99
Elite hosting in $215.09

Reseller hosting -

R-1000s hosting in $13.99
R-2000s hosting in $19.99
R-3000s hosting in $27.49

Shared business Hosting -

Launch hosting in $3.99
Power Hosting in $5.99
Pro Hosting in $13.99
(Note - with all the plans you can also go further with bigger plans for your very big traffic)

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Conclusion -

According to our sources and our biased opinions, Inmotiom is best for your website, you can use Inmotion Hosting without any doubt and problem.
Or you can read our reviews of Bluehost and HostGator.

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